It is perhaps a bit strange that intelligent people who earn large amounts of money need advice from an executive growth coach. “If the advice of these coaches is so good, why are they not so rich?”, used to ask the American investor Warren Buffet.

There are many skeptics out there, who wonder what a coach can do for a leader who has already reached numbers with many zeros, or for highly experienced team of managers… If you`ve been asking yourself the same thing, we are going to give you another perspective.

There are several situations where you can clearly see the benefit of coaching for managers and companies in general.

  • The manager is not the supreme leader anymore

As the world becomes more and more interconnected and the business environment more complex and dynamic, it is not enough to have only one person to learn for the whole organization, a “lighted mind” or a “strategist”, nor is it possible to decide everything at the top, while expecting the others to follow the orders blindly. Current trends show us that we need new ways to lead and to learn. To keep pace with market dynamics, organizations need to acquire the capacity of learning at all levels, not just rely on a single person – the manager; so the leader’s role becomes rather to learn how to create the right architecture for learning at all levels.

  • The manager needs a systemic perspective

Another situation where the executive coach plays an important role in the organization is when, in the day-to-day gear trap, many managers or teams of managers do not actually see the forest because of the trees. Business, organizations are living systems, united by the invisible threads of interconnected actions, and often there are years passing before fully exerting their effects on each others. Considering that the leaders or the entire management teams are a part of this embroidery, sometimes it is difficult for them to see the whole pattern that the change follows. Frequently, they focus on isolated parts of the system and then wonder why the problems are reoccurring. When the manager or the whole management team trains to see things from a systemic perspective, looking at the whole and not just seeing some parts, we can talk about sustainability.

  • The development of a personal vision

Only a few leaders work rigorously to develop unique personal skills translated into continuously clarifying and enlarging the personal perspective, by concentrating the energy, developing the patience and by the understanding of the reality. Most believe that once they reached the top, they no longer have anything to learn or develop, which is a mistake that will turn against them, eventually.

Coaching is a professional relationship based on confidence, which allows the leaders to communicate their strategic perceptions and questions to a person that will not judge them. A partnership in which an executive growth coach assists the manager in finding their own solutions, using innovative thinking patterns will definitely increase performance.  Executive coaching Denver firms offer some of the best advice around.

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