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Microsoft Teams is Microsoft’s proprietary communication platform – the complex, yet user-friendly platform that so many companies have reached out to in the last two years to help them transition from office work in the traditional sense of the word to remote work or to hybrid schedules. The platform is definitely among the most streamlined and most feature-rich systems of the kind available today and definitely a reason why so many companies have achieved so much success with their newly developed, remote or hybrid work schedules that they will probably not return to the initial set-up again. Here are some of the arguments that can convince you to continue using Microsoft Teams in the post-COVID period as well.

So Much More than Just a Chatting Application

The main goal of Microsoft Teams is surely to facilitate communication, including communication via chat lines, but the functionalities available make it so much more than just any old chat line. The chat comes with the option to share files during the conversation and the persons involved in the chat can also multitask, scheduling meetings and performing other tasks using apps in the bundle. All these options do an excellent job in blurring the boundary between work conducted over the chat and work conducted with everyone involved physically present in the same room.

Help before, during and after the Meetings

The success of a meeting depends on many things, one of them being proper preparation for the agenda, including the process of getting all the documents ready for being used during the meeting. Microsoft Teams provides great help with that aspect as well, through the chatting function that helps anyone involved brainstorm ideas to make the meeting itself as efficient as possible. Microsoft Teams also allows for recording meetings, which means that no discussion will be lost to key people who were not able to attend for some reason.

Reducing the E-mail Load

The functionalities available with Microsoft Teams – the option to have meetings recorded, the easy storage of meeting records, the file sharing, all work together to reduce the number of e-mails that office workers are used to handle, but which often cause feelings of despair and of being overwhelmed.

Seamless Integration with All Office 365 Features and Apps

Microsoft Teams integrates tightly and seamlessly with all Office 365 apps – a feature that makes collaborative work even easier and even more productive.

Final Thoughts

Many companies have worked incredibly hard to transition from the ways they used to work to the new methods that rely more heavily on digital tools, but are not less effective and less productive. If your company has also fought the good fight, if your teams have become used to the new ways and the new tools, why not build on those achievements using remote or hybrid work schedules in the future, too? Microsoft teams consulting services can help with all those efforts to keep up productivity and to enhance the efficiency of collaborative work, no matter where your team members are located.

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