Do you need a safety specialist from time to time, but not on a permanent basis? Or do you require the services of a specialist to oversee your regulated business activities? Various businesses have different needs, but there is one single solution for all of them: hiring temporary safety staffing services.

safety staffing services

What Is Temporary Safety Staffing and How Does It Work?

You may have already worked with temp agencies to fill a position while your permanent employee was sick or had taken maternity leave. Their job duties were professionally performed by a person sent by the staffing agency after you told them what you are looking for.

The same thing happens when you contact a temporary safety staffing agency. They will give you a questionnaire to fill in, where you are asked to:

  • Describe the size of your business
  • Describe your activities
  • Specify whether your activities are subject to special regulations
  • State the scope of the safety services you require.

The agency will match your requirements with a qualified person in their employment. The respective person will be your safety specialist for the duration you need, and under the conditions you specified.

Why Should You Consider Temporary Safety Staffing Services?

There are many benefits for your company if you opt to outsource safety staffing. These are:

  1. You Will Pay a Fair Cost

If you hire a full-time employee, you have to pay them a monthly salary, even if you do not need their services on a daily basis. When you hire temporary safety staffing services, the agency will calculate a fee based on the services you require and their duration.

This is the fairest option for all the parties involved and represents significant savings for your company HR budget.

  1. You Can Ensure Safety Requirements for Project-Based Activities

Various companies work on a project basis. For instance, a construction company is working in this manner, as each construction site is a separate project. The most cost-effective and reliable manner of meeting safety requirements is hiring temporary safety staffing services.

Depending on the size and duration of the project, the agency will allocate the adequate number of staff, with the required specializations.

  1. You Benefits from the Advice of Top Experts

Staffing agencies are capable of attracting top talents, because they offer them a competitive salary and the professional challenges they are looking for. This is something a company like yours is not likely to succeed.

At any rate, you do not need a safety specialist all the time, but only during crucial moments, such as creating your list of best practices or dealing with a labor accident.

  1. The Safety Specialist Has a Flexible Schedule

Some companies work in shifts and require a safety specialist present at all times. In this case, hiring temporary safety staffing services is the only feasible solution. They can allocate the necessary staff for a fee you can afford. By contrast, hiring safety specialists for each shift would represent an impossible burden for your company budget.