If you haven’t heard about company swag, you might be missing out on a lot of great investment opportunities that could propel your company to the top and increase your returns to a significant extent. Used primarily for referring to branded promotional products that are given by companies to employees, customers, business partners and other people that they deem important to have on their side, company swag has grown in popularity in recent years. Today, just about all major companies use these promotional materials – including pens, caps, office decoration items and even foods and beverages – and the marketing campaigns and strategies associated with their use have become remarkably complex.

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One of the main reasons why companies have started using promotional products more intensely is that it’s a great way to attract possible leads and partners. People will not generally want to buy or partner with a retailer, service provider or manufacturer that doesn’t provide some guarantee as to their loyalty, workmanship and dedication to their trade. As such, a lot of promotional items provided by these companies are actually promotional gifts that act to smooth things over and paint the company’s image in a more positive light.

Some campaigns focus entirely on customers, and their goal is to either showcase the company’s ability to provide high quality products, or to attract customers with special deals – such as when a free, branded pen is provided for free whenever a customer buys one of the company’s main products. A well respected company swag Denver Colorado business confirms that this approach is very widespread and not just practiced by the largest corporations, but also by medium sized and sometimes even smaller businesses. The approach is affordable and successful in turning leads into actual customers, so even startups are using it to try to put their businesses on the map more effectively.

Retailers will use company swag more elaborately when their main clients are other companies. In such cases, the relationship between major retailers and their corporate clients is far more “official” and formal. Their approach might be to send over some promotional products such as free USB drives, office supplies and decorations, or even bottles of wine. Their goal is not to get the client to buy more, but to cement their relationship with the client and show that their loyalty will not go unrewarded.

Finally, it’s important to mention the incredible rise in the use of free digital products in various online marketing tactics. A huge number of businesses are offering free eBooks and educational materials, as well as access to podcasts, multimedia materials and free downloads, simply to attract more leads or customers, or to improve their business image.

These approaches have been around for years, but with the advent of modern technology, they have become more elaborated than in the past. Nowadays, a lot of businesses are also employing tracking, information gathering and analytics methods to go along with their free online company swag. The use of this data-driven approach ensures that they have a lot more relevant demographic insight on their leads and customers, which enables them to make better decisions when it comes to conceiving their future internet marketing strategies.