Many people do not know the difference between a union vs. non-union electrician, so we are going to clarify this aspect first.

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers is an organization that currently over sees all local electrical unions. Local chapter offices answer up to the IBEW, which is affiliated with the largest union organization in the U.S., the American Federation of Labor – Congress of Industrial Organizations. IBEW train and provide workforce in the electrical industry that electrical contractors rely on.

When you hire an electrician, you are looking for experience, reliability and training, and hiring a union electrician will meet these expectations and more. IBEW members offer overall cost-effectiveness. They are trained professionals, completely capable of doing the job right the first time and the latest knowledge and methods that ensure work safety. Search for reputable union electricians at

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So, with workers skilled in all electrical techniques, from traditional to green energy, residential commercial and industrial customers can benefit from union electricians’ focus on:

Qualification and certification

A union electrician is well qualified and certified according to their main field of expertise.

Relevant experience

A union electrician also has the required level of experience, which will allow them to deal with different situations that may arise during their professional life. Union electricians know how to get in or out of difficult problems. Therefore, their level of experience is an extremely important quality.


Union electricians are specialists that offer their clients correct estimations, both from the point of view of the price, as well as from the point of view of the time required to complete the entire work. No one wants to experience delays and postponements. In addition, good electricians do not take advantage of the fact that the people they work for are not familiar with electric issues.


Union electricians always know how to take care of their safety and their customers’ safety. They take all necessary measures to prevent dangerous situations. In addition, they have quality equipment and tools, suitable for each particular work, so that they have at hand everything that is necessary for efficient and quality repairs. Union electricians have a detail-oriented approach to the job and a strong understanding of safety procedures and current regulations necessary to keep them and others safe. They are also insured, this being essential for your protection, in the event of a potential accident.

Written estimate

A union electrician will always offer you a written plan for the project, with everything included in the workmanship, prices, etc. In this way, both parties are aware of what will be achieved and the expected costs. Once the work has been completed, the electrician issues the certification to declare that they were made to the correct standard and that they comply with the electrical regulations.

Correct estimation of the price

Everyone wants to see their electrical problems solved for a fair and reasonable price. Union electricians have the ability to estimate the price right from the beginning, including both workmanship and the parts needed to complete the project.

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