You want to get a job in the mental health field, but the thought of going through the entire process on your own seems a bit overwhelming? You are not sure that you can have access to all the job offers? You are not so confident about some of the companies posting job offers?  If you are looking for a specific job in a specific area, one way to do that is to use a search engine to look for possibilities – for example search ‘psychiatric nurse practitioner Massachusetts‘, and you could get a listing of all available opportunities in the area. Another option is to leave everything in the hands of a professional recruiter who will help you save time, money, energy and give you access to the best job offers.

How do you choose a mental health recruiter?

When you look for a job in the mental health field, you should do your best to find a recruiter familiar with this type of job environment.

Word of mouth – Ask your friends and colleagues about recruitment agencies they may have worked with and get as many references as you can.

Online Search – Search for recruitment agencies by using search engines and use “mental health” among the keywords. The first page with results is also the most reliable: you will find here important recruitment agencies for different companies that also have SEO-optimized sites, are customer-oriented, offer an easy browsing experience and have a good business reputation – these are indicators of the professionalism and reliability that characterize them when you call their services.

Social Media – Search for recruitment agencies on social networks and analyze their profile. It should be easy for you to determine whether the agency recruit for the type of job you are looking for.

Online Media – Another way to find a recruitment agency is to read online career magazines and websites that present lists of recruitment agencies, as well as statements by HR managers. This way, you can get familiar with the most visible agencies and their level of expertise.

Once you have found an agency that is tailored to your professional needs, ask for more details on the phone and determine whether the conversation is productive or not. Also consider what happens after the conversation: does the agency send you an email with a presentation and an offer? If everything goes professionally and quickly, it might worth choosing it to represent you.

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The advantages of working with a recruitment agency

    A recruitment agency takes over the entire process of organizing the recruitment (identifying job requirements/ defining job profile; establishing a strategy for finding candidates/ activating channels for attracting them; creating preliminary lists; preparing the candidates for job interviews; presenting candidate profiles agreed by the clients; scheduling direct interviews with the employers; feedback interviews; follow up for candidate integration.

    A professional recruiter specialized in the mental health field has contacts and experience to identify the best job offers for you, according to your education and professional expectations. It reduces the number of interviews you must attend, by matching your skills with the expectations of the employers

It provides consultancy and expertise relevant to the mental health field, assessment tools, as well as advice on labor law.